Project management plan

Christian N. Setzer

Xiaoxue Li


                The first topic of our report will gender differences in China from a female perspective, comparing history with the present.  The second topic covered in our project will be gender issues in Egypt in a general social setting as observed by a tourist. We will spend the next two weeks writing and editing our individual essays.  The majority of the time spent during the first week will be on research. After we have completed that we will begin to write and finalize a draft of our reports. Upon completion of that segment we will begin to work on the e-essay for the following week. In class we will use our time to efficiently create our PowerPoint presentation. 

                To fulfill the requirements of the report we will thoroughly follow all of the outlined objectives of the group project. The final product of our project will be a cohesive piece of literature that brings together our ideas and research about our topics and communicates them in the different ways mentioned in the project outline.


·         We will finish our research by October 28th.

·         Our essay drafts will be completed by Nov. 2nd.

·         We will exchange essays and proofread them for each other for Nov. 4th.

·         On Nov. 4th we will begin work on the e-essay which will be completed by Nov. 18th.

·         During this time we will also work on the PowerPoint presentation to be completed by Nov. 11th.

·         By the week after Thanksgiving we will have our full report edited and completed.


                To obtain the information needed for our report we will use credible internet sources as well as firsthand experience and written material from Parks library. When possible we will use Microsoft word in the computer labs on campus, and when it is needed Christian will bring his laptop to class. We will use help from Jeni to develop our project and also help from our peers to edit and revise our document.

Project Charter:

                 Xiaoxue will handle most of the organizing of the document, and Christian will work on editing and creating a flow between sections of the document.  We will each separately finish our essays but we will write the introduction and conclusion to our essays together in lab. Also we will meet in lab and when necessary to complete the powerpoint and e-essay.  We will communicate via e-mail. Xiaoxue’s email is (see class list) and Christian’s email is (see class list).